China’s green planning for the world starts with infrastructure

The United States is retreating from the global community under a president who rejected the Paris Climate Accords and denigrates NAFTA and NATO. This provides an opportunity for China to play a greater role in global affairs. This provides the backdrop for the 19th Party Congress, as China seeks to balance external influence with domestic … Continue reading “China’s green planning for the world starts with infrastructure”

RussiaGate is Dead! Long Live Russiagate!

Drawing by Nathaniel St. Clair Now that Mueller’s $40 million Humpty Trumpty investigation is over and found wanting of its original purpose (to retire Trump), perhaps the ruling class can return without interruption to the business of destroying the world with ordnance, greenhouse gases, and regime changes. A few more CIA-organized blackouts in Venezuela (it’s … Continue reading “RussiaGate is Dead! Long Live Russiagate!”