Russia and the Future of Europe

by John Feffer Europe is gearing up for much-anticipated elections this week to the European parliament. Austria, however, now has to deal with a very unexpected snap election — thanks to a drunk politician, a Russian honeypot, and a leaked video. This scandal currently rocking Austria may ultimately play a decisive role in the European … Continue reading “Russia and the Future of Europe”

Russia’s S-300 Pops Up on US Soil, But Is That a Big Deal?

A number of recent reports have indicated that at least one S-300PT surface to air missile system has been delivered to the United States for testing. Satellite images at an American military testing site show a 30N6 fire control system and 5P85 transporter erector launchers, though the time of delivery as of yet remains uncertain. Пусковые … Continue reading “Russia’s S-300 Pops Up on US Soil, But Is That a Big Deal?”