Trump’s War In Venezuela Could Be Che’s Revenge

Che Guevara had a dream. After decades of chasing the American Empire into guerrilla street fights from Guatemala to the Congo, Che dreamed of drawing that dreadful beast into an unwinnable quagmire on the graves of its first victims in the heart of Latin America, the treacherous mountain forests of Bolivia where the Conquistadors first … Continue reading “Trump’s War In Venezuela Could Be Che’s Revenge”

Guaido Would “Probably Accept” US Offer to Invade His Country

Juan Guaidó has for the first time said he would likely back US military intervention in Venezuela, speaking on the eve of another weekend of tension and calls for mass protests. “If the Americans were to propose a military intervention I would probably accept it,” he said, in an interview with Italian daily newspaper La Stampa. Mr Guaidó has … Continue reading “Guaido Would “Probably Accept” US Offer to Invade His Country”

How Do You Prefer Your Empire: Coarse or Polite?

You have owners; a corporate, political, and media elite charged with maintaining the military-industrial behemoth. And your owners have only allowed you the illusion of choice, of democracy It amounts to a matter of taste; how you prefer the emperor to behave. Such is political life in the late-stage American Empire. Both major parties offer … Continue reading “How Do You Prefer Your Empire: Coarse or Polite?”

RussiaGate is Dead! Long Live Russiagate!

Drawing by Nathaniel St. Clair Now that Mueller’s $40 million Humpty Trumpty investigation is over and found wanting of its original purpose (to retire Trump), perhaps the ruling class can return without interruption to the business of destroying the world with ordnance, greenhouse gases, and regime changes. A few more CIA-organized blackouts in Venezuela (it’s … Continue reading “RussiaGate is Dead! Long Live Russiagate!”