Trump Keeps Rollin’, Rollin’ Back US Auto Emission Standards and Other Critical Regulations

In the midst of a global pandemic, the Trump administration continues to disregard science by sharply cutting the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards negotiated by the Obama administration. The rollback is both the most impactful and heedless environmental deregulation of Trump’s presidency.

The Three Causes of Global Ecocide

In a recent post I questioned the well-known formula: Human Impact = Population x Affluence x Technology. But I don’t question that humans now have a severe impact on earth systems. So if not PAT, then what? Here I’m going to lay out some other factors that I suggest underlie our impact and our present predicament … Continue reading “The Three Causes of Global Ecocide”

Exploring Transformative Change on the Brink

Highlighting the term careful is important here: we can view the response of the state to this pandemic with care, we can be careful to see the gaps and address the ways that the state response is lacking. Careful in this context also means taking care and directly engaging with the crisis on a community … Continue reading “Exploring Transformative Change on the Brink”

Weeds We Like to Eat

Since we’re all avoiding the grocery store to help keep everyone as healthy as possible, the first thing you might run out of is lettuce. No problem! Spring is arriving in the northern hemisphere, and there are many things growing that can serve the purpose.

Hello? Is There Anybody Out There?

With the coronavirus pandemic stalking the asylum seekers waiting nervously in camps and shelters all along the border and in the overcrowded jail cells of the US justice system, inspiration from the border is very hard to come by these days. Thanks to the Angry Tías and Abuelas for shining a light in the darkness, … Continue reading “Hello? Is There Anybody Out There?”

5 Ways You Can Strengthen Our Fibershed While Sheltering in Place

This is a moment when our local producers and workers are providing vital services, so how can we do our part to strengthen local systems within our fibershed, while sheltering in place? We invite you to join us by engaging with practices, key learnings, and actions so that together we can rebuild an economy rooted … Continue reading “5 Ways You Can Strengthen Our Fibershed While Sheltering in Place”

After the Anthropocene: Notes from a Distempered Winter

Ultimately, the song of nature is call and response. It’s a collective game of gambits and counter-gambits that doesn’t have much truck with uppity soloists. So while I half agree with this website’s go-to agronomist Andy McGuire that there’s scarcely such a thing as a ‘balance of nature’, it doesn’t necessarily follow that we humans have no … Continue reading “After the Anthropocene: Notes from a Distempered Winter”

Movie Review: Contagion

When the medical thriller movie Contagion came out in 2011, it was widely praised for its realistic portrayal of a global pandemic scenario. In recent weeks, as the real-life outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has spread around the world, there’s been a surge of renewed interest in the film.

Who Cares About the Coronavirus Pandemic and Climate Change?

As I try to explain why Democrats and the clean energy and climate defense sectors proposed a series of climate-related initiatives as part of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (the Cares Act or Act) which will be signed into law within days. The connection between climate change and stimulus legislation intended to … Continue reading “Who Cares About the Coronavirus Pandemic and Climate Change?”

Commoning as a Pandemic Survival Strategy

 Commoners and allied movements, disillusioned liberals and social democrats, people of goodwill must thwart the many retrograde dangers that threaten to surge forward under the cover of fear. But we must also, simultaneously, demonstrate the feasibility of new forms of commoning, infrastructure, finance, and commons/public partnerships. Rarely have needs and opportunities been so aligned!