What really happened in causing World Wars?

Throughout history, we have put efforts to live in peace and harmony with each other. Although we inhabit the whole planet across all 7 continents, we somehow found ways to have mutual interaction through trading and migration. More powerful nations slowly expanded their empire and degree of influence to neighboring countries or to unchartered territories. … Continue reading “What really happened in causing World Wars?”

How is the European Union comprised?

The European Union is one of the most talked of unions around the world. This is a political and economic confederation. It is founded by 27 states of Europe. Though it was founded in 1993, but the primary formation has taken place earlier in the mid-twentieth century. Looking back at history it can be found … Continue reading “How is the European Union comprised?”

Destruction Caused By World Wars

Benjamin Franklin, famed scientist and one of The Founding Fathers, said it best when he said “There was never a good war or a bad peace.” The two World Wars that have gone through have both been fought for various reasons that were necessary, one way or another, but the destruction and casualties that followed … Continue reading “Destruction Caused By World Wars”

The Major Objectives of the European Union

The European Treaty was put in place with a host of major objectives. Each objective is designed to improve quality of life throughoutEurope. There is also a section on foreign policy and what theUnionhopes to achieve throughout the world. The European Union uses it’s objectives to help guide the union and put necessary practices into … Continue reading “The Major Objectives of the European Union”

The Latest News of the European Financial Crisis 2012

The on-going debacle that is the European financial crisis has left many around the world grasping for answers, and yet the progress with which the issue has proceeded is akin to waiting for a snail to cross the road. In all fairness, monetary crises, wherever they may be in the world, have no swift resolution, … Continue reading “The Latest News of the European Financial Crisis 2012”

The European Financial Crisis of the Summer of 2012

Unless you have been living under a rock so far, you must be familiar with the Fender Stratocaster, the world-famous electric guitar that has made it into the homes of millions of music passionate. Such a guitar is normally costly, and the European crisis of the 2012 summer is highly likely to leave a lot … Continue reading “The European Financial Crisis of the Summer of 2012”

The Biggest Mistake of the European Union

Wondering which is the biggest mistake the European Union has done so far, you are probably looking for some sold arguments to a certain scenario and this article should aid you discover more information on this matter. After all, learning the answer to this question does not at all resemble finding out the answer to … Continue reading “The Biggest Mistake of the European Union”

Was forming the European Union a Good Idea?

The European Union has 27 European country members. It was a movement that was created after the Second World War to support the member countries in terms of economic growth. When they formed the somewhat organization among these countries, they were thinking about helping each other to create a better market, so, was it really … Continue reading “Was forming the European Union a Good Idea?”