Eurovison: Hatari merchandise selling out

The popularity of the Icelandic Eurovision sensation Hatari seems to be taking off, after making to the finals yesterday their online store appears to have grown in popularity and people are buying “Hatari Merch,” and shipping it around the world. When looking at their website and reviewing their merchandise selection, it seems like one … Continue reading “Eurovison: Hatari merchandise selling out”

Reykjavik up 30 places on the ICCA Statistics Report

2018 ICCA Statistics Report was published yesterday. According to the report, Reykjavík moves up 30 places on the worldwide ranking from the previous year. Reykjavík now shares the 50th place with Vilnius and Zurich, but in 2017 the capital of Iceland was number 80 on the list. “We are in very high spirits here at … Continue reading “Reykjavik up 30 places on the ICCA Statistics Report”

Kitty Von-Sometime joins forces with GusGus for the music video FIREWORKS

Director and Video Artist Kitty Von-Sometime have joined forces with GusGus for the music video Fireworks, the video premieres on the 13th of May at 17:00 (GMT). Kitty was commissioned by choreographer Unnur Elísabet Gunnarsdóttir for her project “Ég býð mig fram” (I volunteer) and extended the collaboration to involve GusGus. With the help of … Continue reading “Kitty Von-Sometime joins forces with GusGus for the music video FIREWORKS”

Protesters arrested at Alþingi

Protesters from the No Borders pressure group held a protest outside Alþingi yesterday. In this protest they attempted to stop people entering the building including staff, MPs and visitors. Police were called who arrested some of the protesters. Helgi Bernódusson, estates manager, claimed the protesters formed at each of the entrances including the car park … Continue reading “Protesters arrested at Alþingi”

Interim Justice Minister appointed

Þórdís Kolbrún R. Gylfadóttir, the current industry and innovation minister, will be temporarily taking on the role of Minister of Justice following the announcement that Sigríður Á. Anderson will be stepping down from the role. The announcement of who will be taking on the role was declared by the finance minister Bjarni Benediktsson. The replacement … Continue reading “Interim Justice Minister appointed”

Iceland welcomes the return of the ice bar

Downtown Reykjavík is the new location for an ice gallery with bar in April. Ice-themed establishments have become an increasingly popular feature and point of focus when it comes to tourism and economy in Nordic countries and Iceland finds itself opening the latest in the Magic Ice chain. The gallery will feature ice sculptures and carvings … Continue reading “Iceland welcomes the return of the ice bar”

Measles vaccinations available this weekend

A measles vaccination drive will take place in the capital city and East Iceland this weekend. Unvaccinated people aged over six months, who were born after 1970, have priority. An outbreak of the virus came in February from a man travelling home from the Phillipines, three caught the virus from this person on a flight … Continue reading “Measles vaccinations available this weekend”

Hatari as Iceland’s Eurovision entry

Söngvakeppnin’s finale was held live on Saturday from Laugardalshöll in Reykjavík to decide who would become Iceland’s Eurovision entry for May 2019 in Tel Aviv. All five performers took to the stage and faced the public vote with Hatari and Friðrik Ómar becoming the final two. After a second round of voting (and Hatari fixing … Continue reading “Hatari as Iceland’s Eurovision entry”

European Film Awards comes to Iceland

The location of the European Film Awards 2020 has been announced to be held at Harpa Concert Hall, Reykjavik in December. The event will be expected to host over 1,400 people and will also be broadcast live internationally. The event is held every two years in Berlin, in the interval year the film awards are … Continue reading “European Film Awards comes to Iceland”

State Mediator called for further wage negotiations

Following last week’s reports of various unions meeting with the State Mediator and the SA Confederation of Icelandic Enterprise, there is news of the Icelandic Electrician’s Association seeking to bargain negotiation with the State Mediator. The timing of these meetings comes as the agreed contracts are all expiring at a similar, however the meetings between … Continue reading “State Mediator called for further wage negotiations”