The Perfect Pharma Product: You Have to Keep Taking Boosters Just to Avoid NEGATIVE Efficiency

Covid shots help protect against Covid! That’s what the numbers say! At least they do once you take the initial 14-day period after vaccination in which your infection risk actually shoots up sharply  *and throw it away*.
Even this highly massaged and possibly entirely virtual effectiveness vs infection turns negative around the 6-month mark. In the UK, which is the most forthright with its data, in all vaccinated age groups between 30 and 69 years of age the vaxxed are actually more likely to test as infected. Among those between 40 and 49, the vaxxed are testing positive at double the rates of the unvaxxed.
For those ages 70 and above the vaccine effectiveness again turns positive, but this is solely a function of boosters.
So then what this means is that at 6 months you have to take a booster just not to be at disadvantage compared to the unvaxxed for infection risk. What a wonderful product! Once you start taking it you better not quit.

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