MOFA thanks EP for passing 11 resolutions in support of Taiwan

A total of 11 resolutions adopted by the European Parliament this year in support of Taiwan is sincerely appreciated by the government and people, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Oct. 14.
One of the highlights, passed Oct. 7 on the state of EU cyber defense capabilities, calls on the region to strengthen relations with its democratic friends in the Indo-Pacific such as Australia, India, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. This extends to sharing information and knowledge on cyber threats, the MOFA said.
Equally important is the resolution adopted the day before on the future of EU-U.S. relations, the ministry said. It spotlights the need to explore areas of possible cooperation with the U.S. on China, particularly with regard to the protection of human and minority rights, de-escalation of tensions in the South and East China Seas, Hong Kong and across the Taiwan Strait, the MOFA added.
The resolution also urges the EU to bolster the role of its democratic partners in its Indo-Pacific strategy, the ministry said, while at the same time enhancing related coordination and partnership with the U.S.
Other resolutions involved topics spanning public health cooperation, initial stages of negotiating a bilateral investment agreement and Taiwan’s participation as an observer in the activities, mechanisms and meetings of the World Health Organization.
According to the MOFA, Taiwan is an important partner of the EU in the Indo-Pacific. The government will continue expanding exchanges with the region across the board on the basis of the two sides’ rock-solid friendship, the ministry said. (YCH-E)
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