COVID Psychos Denied Entry to 6 Year-Old Australian Boy With Cerebral Palsy Who Tested Negative 3 Times

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Editor’s note: After the media uncharacteristically took interest in this victim of the virus cult the situation was eventually resolved. For millions of others media reconsidering its demented virus jihad will come too late.

There is growing outrage with Queensland Health’s tough quarantine measures after a six-year-old boy with cerebral palsy was denied an exemption to quarantine at home.
Lenny Silveira and his father Fabio are holed up in a Sydney hotel room after the young boy underwent major surgery for his condition in the US.
Because their flight back to Australia had to stop in Sydney, the Queensland Government has refused their plea to participate in the home quarantine trial due to the risk of bringing coronavirus in from NSW.
“It hasn’t been an easy journey,” a frustrated Fabio told Today.
“It is a long story but basically Lenny has cerebral palsy and he needed this surgery that is not available for him in Australia.
“So that meant us going in the middle of the pandemic to America, in the middle of all the uncertainty of returning flights. 
“We left half of the family home. We left his mum and our other children so I could take Lenny to have his surgery.

“The surgery went well, but for sure, our tickets were cancelled. So for three weeks we went through drama, not knowing if we would be able to make it back home for Christmas as thousands of Australians are stranded overseas.”
Fabio said with the help of the local federal member and the Chicago Embassy, he and Lenny were able to fly back into Australia on Friday, but then they hit a wall when Queensland denied them entry because their return flight stopped over in Sydney.
“There was no chance of us not stopping in Sydney because there are zero flights arriving from America to Brisbane,” Fabio said.
“So we got caught in the middle of the New South Wales and Queensland Health departments that have had an extremely difficult time talking to each other and leaving Lenny caught in the middle.”
With Queensland currently trialling a home quarantine system, which authorities say only a fraction of those invited to participate have actually responded, Fabio is asking for Queensland Health to allow his little boy entry so he can recover from his major surgery at home.
“I understand the seriousness of this situation, the COVID-19 pandemic and the consequences of any exemption given, but we are talking about a six-year-old boy that needs an extremely intensive rehabilitation therapy program 20-something days after his surgery,” he says.
“We are more than keen to follow any requirements from the Queensland Government. We know there is a home quarantine trial going on there.
“I am fully vaccinated. Lenny and I have been tested three times in the last ten days, so it is sad that Lenny cannot follow his doctor’s prescription for the best therapy to achieve the best outcome after this surgery.”
Source: 9 Now

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