Seen Videos of a Flooded Gurugram? Now Watch How a Brilliant Idea Is Solving This Problem

The recurring water logging issue at Gurugram’s Golf Course road saw a significant improvement this year through pointed efforts via a local initiative. IAmGurgaon, a non-governmental organisation, joined hands with Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) to build check dams in the Aravallis. The efficient construction caused excessive water to be redirected into the forests, rather than flooding the roads of the city.
Gurugram stands on depressed terrain surrounded by Aravalli ranges on two sides. A lack of efficient drainage causes consistent water logging, while the city faces a paradoxical shortage of water due to the unstrategic location of water bodies. “The main objective is to stop making concretised drains and find a way to direct water into green areas. This helps you save the city from excessive water. Why move the water to another city, when this method can also recharge groundwater instead?” shares Latika Thakur, Co-Founder of IAmGurgaon.
The area near Golf Course road is studded with desolate creeks. The NGO promoted the idea of cleaning up these creeks to hold excessive rainwater. Through targeted research, key areas of concern were identified and catchment areas were built to hold the water navigated off the road.
Watch this video to see the impact of this brilliant check dam project:

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