Bad News for Aussies & Kiwis: Vaccine Grants Zero Protection From PCR Tests

Apparently of the past 16 months many Australians have spent 6 in snap lockdowns.
Lockdowns accompanied with instructions not to “act like a human”:
Undeterred by 16 months of snap “don’t act human” lockdowns their rulers proclaim “NO REGRET”:
Worst of all, far from there being light at the end of the tunnel if nothing changes Australians (and New Zealanders) can look forward to snap lockdowns until the end of their lives. That is because the promised salvation — the vaccine — can’t deliver with what the optimistic Australian virus Maoist rulers tasked it with.
Australia and New Zealand have declared even a single “case” of COVID intolerable and grounds to confine millions of people to their homes (like in a Third World military coup in progress). Problem is, it is clear now beyond doubt that vaccines do not eliminate infections or even transmissions. In fact in Israel — the leader in global vaccination rates — the vaccinated and the non-vaccinated are contributing “cases” (PCR test positives) in exact proportion to their share of the population.
If the two countries stick to “zero COVID” ideology where a handful of “cases” calls for crippling and imprisoning vast swathes of the nation at the snap of politicians’ fingers, they can expect to continue to be doing so well into the next decade.
COVID will become endemic and will always be ‘burning’ at one intensity or another, just like other viruses that we aren’t manically testing for are. (Especially not with notoriously oversensitive PCR “tests”.) Vaccines will not change that.
There was a time when people marveled and laughed at the incomprehensible Stalinism of North Korea. Now Australia and New Zealand are taking its place.

Covid: Anger as half of Australians in lockdown again
Anger is growing in Australia as 13 million people – about half the population – endure fresh lockdowns to quash Covid outbreaks.
A third state went into lockdown on Tuesday. Stay-at-home orders are now in place in South Australia, Victoria and parts of New South Wales.
Many people have expressed frustration at being back in highly policed lockdowns 18 months into the pandemic.
And re-openings in the UK and the US have put pressure on the government.
Fewer than 14% of people are vaccinated – the worst rating among OECD nations.
Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been heavily criticised over the slow vaccination rate, but has resisted calls to apologise.
“No country has got their pandemic response 100%,” he told reporters on Wednesday.
He again mentioned Australia’s success in keeping overall infections low compared to those in many nations.
915 people have died of Covid in Australia. Mr Morrison noted that the UK had recorded more than 90 deaths in a single day on Tuesday.
Until recently, Australia’s strategy of border closures, quarantine programmes and snap lockdowns helped keep cases low. But the highly contagious Delta variant has challenged these defences in the past month.
The outbreak in Sydney – Australia’s largest city – has infected more than 1,500 people and officials reported more than 110 new cases on Wednesday, despite the city being in lockdown for a fourth week.
There are fears Sydney’s lockdown could extend into September.
Australian authorities have said they intend to eliminate local cases completely until a majority of people are vaccinated, but in Sydney eliminating cases could take months.

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