South Africa detains ambassador to Japan over unrest as Ramaphosa vows severe punishment for sponsors

London, July 17, 2021 (AltAfrica)-Police in South Africa has reportedly detained a former top spy and the country’s ambassador to Japan, Thulani Dhlomo after he handed himself to the police.

President of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa vows severe punishment for culprits and sponsors of the unrestPresident Ramaphosa vowed that government will bring to account those responsible for the mayhem. “We will spare no effort to bring those responsible to justice. And I repeat, we will spare no effort to bring those responsible to justice.

Dhlomo is allegedly one of the 12 people the state is eyeing for prosecution for their prominent role in instigating the unrest that has so far left 212 people dead and a trail of economic destruction.

Various media reports on Friday claimed that Dhlomo said he handed himself to the police because he feared for his life after he was wrongly fingered for being the rogue spy behind the crisis.

President Cyril Ramaphosa admitted that the government was poorly prepared for the unrest that rocked parts of the country recently. He was addressing the nation on the riots, which were sparked by the jailing of former president Jacob Zuma.

The president also alleged that the unrest was designed to collapse the state and dislodge the government, but have failed because of the resistance of ordinary people and the security forces.

Ramaphosa says it will take time for the country to recover from the destruction caused by the riots that have claimed 212 lives.

He says the unrest has interrupted the country’s vaccination programme in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng. “It is clear now that the events of the last week were nothing more than an orchestrated, coordinated, direct attack on our democracy,” says the president.

He says culprits used social media and fake news to stoke racial tensions.

The president says calm is returning to areas rocked by the unrest and government will assist businesses to rebuild.

He says emergency food relief and other assistance will be offered to those who have suffered loss and damage.

“We are in the process of providing immediate food relief to households. We are targeting areas affected by the looting and where people have no access to food. Provincial Departments of Social Development and SASSA will use their remaining budget in the Social Relief of Distress programme to provide support in the form of food parcels, cash and food vouchers. We are working hard to bring all SASSA offices into operation. Cash pay points are expected to resume services from the 19th of July in all the areas that have been declared safe to operate.”

“Social partners have been meeting to discuss a range of measures which can be implemented to provide immediate relief within our fiscal means. This includes emergency food relief and other assistance to those in greatest distress.” #ProtectSouthAfrica “— Presidency | South Africa (@PresidencyZA) July 16, 2021 The president says the Solidarity Fund has established a relief fund to assist those in need and has urged South Africans to support it.

“People should follow the example of Madiba this Sunday,” he says.

Ramaphosa cautioned that while calm is returning, those who incited the violence are still out there and urged South Africans to work together to thwart their plans and encourage unity and restraint.
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