MOFA releases Q1 trade promotion report card

Efforts by Taiwan’s representative offices boosted foreign trade and investment in the first quarter of 2021 while strengthening the country’s relationship with its allies and like-minded partners, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs May 3.
Overseas offices have opened up new opportunities for local firms by shining a light on Taiwan’s high-tech prowess, the MOFA said.
According to the ministry, countries such as Germany, India, Slovakia, Sweden and Vietnam have expressed a desire to collaborate with Taiwan in the semiconductor industry and organize related conferences, highlighting the country’s key position in the global supply chain amid worldwide chip shortages.
A total of 35 countries, including 62 cities and 139 city leaders, were invited by the country’s representative offices to attend the Smart City Mayors’ Summit and CTalk conference under the 2021 Smart City Summit & Expo, an event aimed at facilitating networking and business opportunities while sharing Taiwan’s smart solutions with the world, the ministry said.
The MOFA also strived to highlight the country’s commitment to tackling climate change, with missions in Marshall Islands and Tuvalu as well as the representative office in Fiji implementing clean energy projects. Taiwan’s office in Germany likewise hosted collaborative meetings on the development of clean energy and electric vehicles, the ministry said.
Following a sudden import ban on Taiwan pineapple by China, the MOFA left no stone unturned in bolstering sales of the local agricultural product through its overseas offices, increasing exports to Australia, Brunei, Canada, France, Ireland and Japan.
During the period, Taiwan’s representative offices additionally played a pivotal role in sealing a raft of accords. These include the approval of a resolution on connectivity and EU-Asia relations by the European Parliament, which expressed support for negotiating a bilateral investment agreement with Taiwan.
The country’s representative offices in the U.S. also sought backing for the passage of a resolution in favor of a Taiwan-U.S. Bilateral Trade Agreement in 16 states, the MOFA said. (DL-E)
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