Israel offers travellers tracking bracelet as alternative to hotel quarantine

London, March 2, 2021 (AltAfrica)-Israel is offering coronavirus electronic bracelet to citizen returning home from abroad as alternative to mandatory hotel quarantine

International arrivals can wear the bracelet monitor that will notify authorities should they violate a mandatory isolation period.

A passenger wears an electronic wrist band (bracelet) handed upon arrival at Hong Kong International Airport, following the novel coronavirus outbreak, Hong Kong, China on March 19, 2020. Israel bracelet is following suit as alternative to mandatory hotel quarantine (Reuters) The pilot programme began on Monday with 100 tracking bracelet systems available at Ben Gurion Airport, where traffic has dropped dramatically due to restrictions meant to reduce the risk of Covid-19 variants entering the country.


Some 100 passengers who presented a negative coronavirus test and special permission to enter the country were given a bracelet and required to take another coronavirus test before being released to their homes.

Incoming passengers have been forced to stay at hotels, paid for by the government, for up to two weeks to make sure they are virus-free before they can move around freely.

Should someone choose the new system – which includes an electronic bracelet, a smartphone and a wall-mounted tracker – they can self-isolate at home.

“We said we want it,” said the 44-year-old Alejandro Quil, who wore the slim, lightweight and waterproof bracelet on his wrist.

“They gave us the service, it’s great for us so we won’t have to go to a hotel, so we will can do the quarantine at home as it should be.”

The system alerts the authorities if someone removes the bracelet or ventures too far from the home monitor.

“There is potential for the pilot to quickly expand into a project consisting of thousands of units for more wide scale use to assist in quarantine compliance in Israel,” said SuperCom, the company behind the technology.

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