President Tsai lauds launch of 5G services in Taiwan

President Tsai Ing-wen said June 30 that the launch of 5G services in Taiwan marks a milestone in the country’s high tech industry while securing it a key position in the post-pandemic global economy.
The achievement is evidence that government efforts to transform the country into a digital nation and smart island are paying dividends, Tsai said, adding that Taiwan’s strengths in the semiconductor and information and communications technology industries will help make the country a major base for next generation technologies like artificial intelligence and Internet of Things.
Tsai made the remarks during the launch ceremony of Chunghwa Telecom Co.’s 5G services in Taipei City.
According to Tsai, a broad range of areas spanning autonomous vehicles, medical procedures, and disaster relief systems are expected to benefit from the new network’s high bandwidth and low latency.
The government will invest NT$20 billion (US$0.68 billion) over the next four years to spur the development of a 5G industrial ecosystem in Taiwan while loosening regulations and lowering the investment benchmarks to encourage local companies to do likewise, she added.
After competing in two rounds of auctions for the right to operate 5G networks earlier this year, Chunghwa Telecom Co. and Taiwan Mobile Co. launched their 5G services the same day while Far EasTone Telecommunications Co. and Taiwan Star Telecom Corp. are scheduled to announce their service plans July 3. (YCH-E)
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