MOFA Minister Wu details Taiwan Model for disease prevention with Hudson Institute

The Taiwan Model for combating coronavirus is built on a whole-of-government approach and transparent information sharing, Foreign Minister Jaushieh Joseph Wu said during a special video address arranged by U.S.-based think tank Hudson Institute April 9.
Swift and early action has played a vital role in the country’s success fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, Wu said. Measures include setting up the Central Epidemic Command Center, implementing onboard screening for passengers, strengthening border controls and quarantine procedures, using advanced tracking technology, increasing production of medical supplies, imposing rationing of surgical masks and announcing economic relief acts after the disease was first reported in the Chinese city of Wuhan late last year, he added.
Taiwan’s experience managing the 2003 severe acute respiratory syndrome outbreak and its National Health Insurance system covering 99 percent of the population also helped ensure the country was adequately prepared for the pandemic, the minister said.
Wu emphasized the government’s disease-fighting efforts hinged on keeping the public fully abreast of developments at home and abroad, with health officials offering daily press briefings and updates through social media channels. This is proof that transparency and honesty lie at the heart of the difference between how Taiwan and China have faced the challenge, he added.
According to the minister, Taiwan acts as a counterweight to China’s coordinated campaign of misinformation about the coronavirus, proving that free and open democracies have a better path forward than authoritarian regimes.
Taiwan is willing and able to work with its allies and like-minded partners around the world, Wu said, citing examples such as a Taiwan-U.S. agreement on cooperation against the coronavirus inked last month, plans for a workshop discussing best practices under the Taiwan-U.S. Global Cooperation and Training Framework, partnerships with research institutes in Europe and the donation of masks to hard-hit countries announced yesterday.
Pandemics know no borders and the country should not be shut out of the activities, mechanisms and meetings of the World Health Organization, the minister said, adding that Taiwan Can Help ensure a seamless global disease prevention network while realizing Health For All. (YCH-E)
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