Gambia ‘launches manhunt’ for 14 UK passengers who escaped quarantine

London, March 22, 2020 (AltAfrica)-Gambian officials have launched a manhunt for 14 people they say escaped from Coronavirus quarantine.

The 14 persons were said to be part of a group of 32 passengers who arrived on a flight from the United Kingdom on Wednesday.


Gambia ‘launches manhunt’ for 14 UK passengers who escaped quarantineThey were placed in quarantine in a hotel located in the capital, Banjul but authorities said they became aggressive.

According to official reports they broke out of the hotel where they had been quarantined as a coronavirus precaution and escaped.

Health Minister Ahmadou Lamin Samateh confirmed this in a statement

Samateh said the breakout by the 14 persons was “very, very detrimental” and created “risk for the entire nation”.

On Friday Gambia’s government banned flights from thirteen countries after recording its first case of coronavirus.

On Tuesday a 21 year old Gambian citizen tested positive for the Coronavirus two days after she arrived in Banjul from UK.

Flights from the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Poland, Germany and Sweden have been suspended.

The other countries affected include Denmark, Switzerland, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Belgium and Portugal.

Aircraft from these countries would not be allowed to land at the Banjul international Airport.

Over 40 African countries have confirmed coronavirus infections totaling over 1,000 with the global infection numbers surpassing 300,000.
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