Cambodia To Get Its First Wind Power Farm

Mar 04, 2020


The Cambodian government is close to signing a deal with the local subsidiary of French-owned, Singapore-based renewable power producer The Blue Circle to construct the energy-starving country’s first wind power farm.
“Both sides expect to sign an agreement soon. I expect it will be done by June,” said Victor Jona, director general of energy at Cambodia’s Ministry of Mines and Energy. The signing partner would be the country’s state utility firm Electricite du Cambodge.
The Blue Circle, which has already set up two wind power farms in Vietnam, plans to build at least ten wind turbines with an 80-megawatt capacity on top of Bokor Mountain in Cambodia’s southern Kampot province. The company had run feasibility studies since 2018 and last year revealed that Cambodia has “potential for wind energy investment” in addition to its current power generation from coal-fired plants, hydropower dams and solar power farms.
Wind power could eventually replace electricity imports
In total, Cambodia could generate as much as 500 megawatts from wind energy, The Blue Circle said. This could replace the current 442 megawatts Cambodia currently imports from Thailand, Vietnam and Laos as part of its overall consumption of around 2,800 megawatt last year.
Energy Minister Suy Sem said the ministry’s priority was the development of electricity sources to improve production capacity, transmission, distribution and connection. He said it had been working to ensure that Cambodia’s electricity supply remained stable and met growing demand.
Overall, the ministry aims for more than 14,000 of the country’s villages to have access to some source of electricity by next year, and at least 90 per cent of households to have access to grid-quality electricity by 2030.


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