203rd Mideast Peace Proposal Set to be as Successful as the Last 202

The Trump Israeli-Palestinian peace proposal has been confidently described by experts as highly likely to be just as good and long lasting as the two hundred or so that have proceeded it since 1967.
A spokesman for Jared Kushner, special adviser to the President for the Middle East, and the wooden boy that was promised he could be a real boy if this plan works, commented, “Clearly if you absolutely refuse to study any history it’s remarkably easy to convince yourself that if people would just be reasonable and calm down, we can guarantee peace all the way to the inevitable Baron Trump presidency of 2060. We really don’t see what all the fuss is about. Now excuse me while we all cluster around a TV to watch Fox & Friends and have our confidence further enhanced.”
An Israeli government spokesman commented, “What’s the big deal? Peace deals are easy. You just give one side everything they ask for. Pose for a nice photo op on the White House lawn, and we can be at the bar for happy hour. Doubles all round!”
A Palestinian spokesman asked, “Does Trump… Does Trump think Benny Gantz is with the PLO?”
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