Taiwan gears up for Jan. 11 presidential, legislative elections

The numbers of eligible voters for Taiwan’s upcoming presidential and vice presidential election is 19.31 million, an increase of 528,114 from the 2016 contest, according to the Central Election Commission Jan. 7.
Taiwan’s six special municipalities comprise 69.27 percent, with New Taipei, Kaohsiung and Taichung cities accounting for 17.2 percent, 11.91 percent and 11.66 percent, respectively. The three age groups with the most voters are 40-49, 19.39 percent; 50-59, 18.81 percent; and 30-39, 18.38 percent.
According to the CEC, the statutory body tasked with administering Taiwan’s elections and referendums under the Executive Yuan, the number of eligible voters for the legislative and legislator-at-large elections is 18.81 million and 19.31 million, respectively.
Taking place Jan. 11, the elections have captured the attention of news providers worldwide. Around 60 locally based foreign correspondents and 150 reporters from abroad representing 100 media outlets will visit Taiwan for the event, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The presidential and vice presidential race pits incumbent Tsai Ing-wen and her running mate Lai Ching-te of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party against Han Kuo-yu and Chang San-cheng of the main opposition Kuomintang. They are joined on the ballot by James Soong and Sandra Yu of the opposition People First Party.
Tsai is the first woman to win the country’s highest office, claiming 56.12 percent of ballots in 2016 when voter turnout was 66.27 percent.
A total of 647 candidates will contest the Legislature’s 113 seats. Four years ago, the DPP won 68 to hold a majority for first time, followed by the KMT, 35; New Power Party, five; PFP, three; Non-Partisan Solidarity Union, one; and independent, one. (SFC-E)
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