Executive Yuan announces New Year ASF prevention measures

Taiwan has stepped up efforts for preventing an outbreak of African swine fever ahead of the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday, as the government continues its commitment to protecting the country’s hog farming industry.
With large numbers of travelers and an increased demand for pork products expected during the celebrations, several enhanced measures have been put in place, according to the Executive Yuan.
In line with the Act for Prevention and Control of Infectious Animal Disease passed Dec. 3, the Cabinet-level Council of Agriculture has tightened regulations on e-commerce platforms to prevent imports of meat products from areas affected by ASF. Any merchant found to be in contravention of these rules now faces a fine of up to NT$150,000 (US$4,918).
Border control measures have also been strengthened for the holiday season, the Executive Yuan said. Passengers flying from areas affected by ASF will now be greeted at the gate with information on how to prevent spread of the disease, and checked luggage from high-risk areas will be carried on designated baggage conveyors for further inspection.
The World Organization for Animal Health has so far confirmed ASF outbreaks across Asia in Cambodia, China, East Timor, Indonesia, Laos, Mongolia, Myanmar, North Korea, South Korea, Vietnam and the Philippines.
First-time offenders found illegally importing meat products from areas affected by ASF within the past three years will be fined NT$200,000, with the penalty increasing to NT$1 million for repeat offenders. (RAY-E)
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