National Taiwan Ocean University unveils domestically developed lobster feed

Domestically developed feed suitable for supporting the growth of lobsters during the high-risk larval stage of six to 14 months was unveiled by Keelung City-headquartered National Taiwan Ocean University Dec. 25 in northern Taiwan.
Produced by NTOU in collaboration with Lienchiang County Government—the local authority overseeing Taiwan’s outlying Matsu archipelago—and the Fisheries Agency under the Cabinet-level Council of Agriculture, the gel-based feed is expected to reduce farmed lobster mortality rates.
Chen Li-li, head of NTOU’s Office of R&D, said the easily stored and environmentally friendly feed is designed to strengthen a lobster’s immune system throughout the shell-shedding period. The high animal fat and protein content gives the crustaceans a helping hand as they experience physical stress, he added.
LCG anticipates using the feed at a planned lobster farming area near Beihai Tunnel in Nangan. The sustainable aquaculture initiative is one of many aimed at spurring the local economy and enticing younger residents living away from the county to return home. (YCH-E)
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