Just Four Chinese Companies Account for 50% of Global Android Market Share. What If They All Ditched Google?

Just four Chinese companies accounted for 50 percent of global Android phone shipments in Q1 2019. Adding the smaller manufacturers the share apparently rises to 67 percent.
One redditor asks the question what if they all backed and switched to Huawei’s OS? That’s an interesting question indeed.
In say two years from now when it’s clear if Huawei’s OS is any good and whether it is able to compete in number and quality of apps and be accepted by the consumer, why wouldn’t Chinese manufacturers preemptively switch to software they know they won’t ever be suddenly banned from coupling with their product?
And do keep in mind that the US market is just one piece of the global smartphone pie:

The one thing that is clear is that waging economic war on China is nothing like waging such war on Iran, or Cuba, or Venezuela, or even Russia for that matter. China is the economic equal of the US, it can not be harmed by the latter without US prosperity taking at least an equal hit.
For once the US has picked a fight with someone its own size.

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Author: CheckpointAsia.net

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