1854-1949 US Navy Patroled China’s Yangtze River as Enforcers for US Corporations (VIDEO)

I wasn’t aware of the extent and longevity of US military presence in pre-Communist China:

That is quite something. I wonder if Donald Trump and the US Navy and Coast Guard are aware of this? The Chinese who are taught about the Unequal Treaties undoubtedly do. So how does it look to them when the US Coast Guard promises to “enforce maritime law” in the South China Sea, or Trump says the trade deal has to be better for the US than it is for China?
Source: g2mil.com

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Author: CheckpointAsia.net

Originally this site was supposed to be a way for us all to learn more about Asia. It still is, but learning about it I have been struck by how influential and present the American Empire is even in this part of the world. Inescapably then a resource about Asia also has to be about the state and activities of the Empire. Influence which is malign, but fortunately for itself and the rest of us, Asia is much too large, much too ancient, and much to proud to suffer US hegemony for too long. The salvation, the retreat of the Empire, starts in Asia. Join in to follow this welcome development.